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Reduce your electricity bills with our efficient Grid Tie Solar Power Generating System, featuring high-quality solar panels and a reliable grid tie inverter. This system seamlessly integrates with your existing power grid, providing clean energy and cutting costs while supporting a sustainable future.


Highest MPPT Efficiency amongst its peers 98.5%

- Eastman GTI produce highest MPPT efficiency and thus the customer will be able to utilize the maximum output from the panel. Also due to the maximum efficiency, the customers can be able to feed more power to the grid. Hence the customer saving will also increase.

In-Built Zero Export Function.

There is provision of in build zero export function in our grid tie inverter, the customer can enable and disable the grid feed as per their requirement. By using this feature if customers don’t have the reverse meter installed in their home and customer want to stop or start the grid feeding then they can control it by using this feature.

Type-2 SPD Enabled AC and DC Side

The system automatically saves itself from any surge voltage condition. This feature is present in both AC (Mains) & DC (PV) side.

Highly Durable

High Strength frame design 40*30mm with thickness 1.45mm for resistance against Heavy Wind & Snow Loads.

Peace Of Mind (After Sales Service)

One Point Contact in case of any after sales service issue will be faced by the User. No, need to coordinate with multiple companies.

Low Startup Input DC Voltage which is 70V

- Eastman GTI will start working even if the PV voltage is 70V. By using this feature, customers will be able to utilize the PV power in low voltage conditions also.

DC Switch

In-Built manual DC switch available in our system which are above 3KW. During the maintenance time customer can switch off the system using the DC switch.

Excellent Low Light performance

Passivation layer reflects the unabsorbed light back to the solar cell for the second round of absorption. It soaks up all the scattered and reflected light and helps in generating additional electricity and makes these cells more competent.

Compact Design and Light Weight

GTI system is reliable, lightweight, and compact in design. Our GTI system can be easily installed or mounted on the wall and takes up very less space. Our Panel is Reliable, Strong & lightweight.


We offer a range of charge points to choose from.

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