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Empower your home or business with our advanced Off-Grid Solar Power Generating System, featuring cutting-edge PWM and MPPT solar inverters, high-efficiency solar panels, and reliable solar batteries. Designed for optimal performance even in low light, our system offers three customizable modes and comprehensive safety features, ensuring energy independence and reliable electricity access, even in remote areas with limited or no electricity.


Convenient Priority

Priority Selection by the end user;
Smart, Hybrid, PCU

User Friendly Multi -
Information LCD Display

User friendly display, status check
with a simple glance.

Cutting Edge

DSP based design for MPPT
Micro Controller based design for PWM

Excellent Low Light

Passivation layer reflects the unabsorbed light
back to the solar cell for the second round of
absorption. It soaks up all the scattered and
reflected light and helps in generating
additional electricity and makes these cells
more competent.

Low Maintenance;
Intelligent Charging

Our PCU's charging profile has been designed to
specifically suit our batteries, resulting in improved
performance along with enhanced reliability

Faster Charging;
Longer Backup

5 to 10% extra backup as per rated
battery capacity


  • Battery Low
  • Reverse Battery Protection
  • Reverse Solar Photo Voltage Protection

Peace Of

  • One Point Contact in case of any after sales service issue will be faced by the User.
  • No, need to coordinate with multiple companies.


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