ER Charger

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ER Charger

E Rickshaw chargers designed to make sure that your battery lasts really long and continues to give superior performance every day, day after day.


Battery over charge

Multistage software and hardware-based protection that protects the battery from overcharging.

Reverse battery

Quite often ER drivers have a universal mechanism of two wires without any connector to charge their batteries with any charger.

Efficiency >90%
saves electricity

Most of the chargers in this segment have a maximum efficiency of 60% Voltsman charger has set a new benchmark with a class-leading efficiency of 90%

8% Extra mileage for the same amount of time

With our powerful charger, for the same amount of charging time, we deliver 8% higher mileage for your vehicle.

Revives deep discharged battery @ 6.25V per battery

In case the battery goes in deep discharge condition, people usually use adda/jugaad chargers to revive the battery.

Widest input working range 90V - 300V

In smaller towns and rural areas in India, the mains supply voltage supply can drop to as low as 90V, thus rendering charger ineffective.

Fast charging builds gravity faster among its peer

Battery performs best when the electrolyte inside the battery reaches specific gravity 1280.

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An e rickshaw charger efficiently powers your e-rickshaw, ensuring optimal battery performance and longevity for smooth rides.

Select the right e rickshaw charger by considering battery compatibility, charging speed, and safety features for your e-rickshaw.

Our chargers are the best e rickshaw chargers in India, ensuring reliability, efficiency, and top-notch performance for your vehicle.