बेहतर Performance, Together

Our inverters and batteries have been designed to compliment each other. You get maximum back-up and quicker charging while keeping the battery as well as the inverter in top notch condition. Explore the benefits and know the perfect "jodi" for your requirements now!



Our convenient after-sales service ensures that all your queries are resolved at a single window, creating a hassle-free ownership experience for you.

Economical Choice

Make the economical choice with our Jodi, which offers an attractive and affordable price for you. Besides saving on the upfront cost of the combo, you'll also enjoy reduced electricity bills due to enhanced efficiency when you use our UPS and battery together

Faster charging,
longer backup

Our Battery provides 5% extra backup as compared to others in its segment. Our UPS is equipped with a Fast-Charging option. Combining both gives you increased backup time while reducing the charging time.


You'll experience maximum backup and faster charging, all while keeping your battery and UPS in top-notch condition.

Peace of Mind

No need to contact multiple companies for the issues/queries with your UPS or Battery. With us, you have a single point of contact coupled with quick and prompt service giving you a complete peace of mind.

Let’s start
your power planning

Define Load Requirement


UPS Model Recommended Ah
UPS ELECTRO 700VA-12V 120Ah and above
UPS ELECTRO 900VA-12V 150Ah and above
UPS ELECTRO 1100VA-12V 180Ah and above
UPS ELECTRO 1400VA-12V 250Ah and above
UPS ELECTRO 1800VA-24V 150Ah and above
UPS ELECTRO 2000VA-24V 180Ah and above
UPS SINO 900VA-12V 150Ah and above
UPS SINO1200VA-12V 200Ah and above
UPS SINO 1800VA-24V 150Ah and above
UPS SINO 2500VA-24V 200Ah and above
UPS SINO 4000VA-48V 180Ah and above
UPS SINO 5500VA-48V 250Ah and above


Energy Insights

Select the right inverter and battery by assessing power needs, budget, and product quality. Calculate power requirements, ensure compatibility, and opt for reputable brands for reliability and performance. Use our combo suggestor (combo suggestor word to have a hyperlink redirecting to the Home UPS combo calculator) to see the best fit for your requirements.

Buying an inverter and battery from the same brand ensures compatibility, streamlined support, potential cost savings, and simplified installation. It also enhances efficiency and performance when used together. Click here (click here to have a hyperlink that redirects the user to the features section of Home UPS Combo) to know what you get with Eastman's Home UPS combo.

Determine the size of your inverter based on total power requirements during outages. For batteries, calculate capacity needs by considering the duration and devices you want to power during blackouts. Use our Home UPS combo suggestor (Hyperlink to redirect to the load calculator) for a customised solution as per your needs.

While it's possible to buy an inverter and battery separately, purchasing them together ensures compatibility and may simplify installation. However, individual components can still be sourced independently.

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